Everyone is going green these days. Everything from new home construction, rehab building, green certification and now this new wave of green gold in the form of hydroponics.

Michigan is the center of attention with its sudden wave of hydroponic super outlets allowing indoor growers to shop for super nutrients.

These stores have picked up a lot of followers on the web and their popularity is rising. The buzzword here is that indoor growing is red hot for cash crops. Organic produce is a big money maker for health food stores. It is no big secret that a lot of these big organic grocers buy from local producers.

That makes Michigan ripe for a whole new level of money making. This has entrepreneurs very excited because now they can jump in on this fast rising industry.

There are several big stars on the hydroponic store retail sceneGarden stores have also capitalized on growing customer base by providing hard to obtain hydroponic nutrients.

Many of these garden stores have added up to the amount of nutrients and various other garden products onto their extensive product list and carried all their product lines under one roof. Many of the garden stores have reported to see their customer base double and triple in just in the limited time they have been open. This is a strong indicator of a hot market that is ready to go strong.

This is a market that takes very little start-up capital and will allow the entrepreneur to be able to create a positive cash flow. The indoor hydroponic nutrients are key for creating bigger yields in the results. Raw foodists and nutritionists alike agree on the power of organic. So when a person considers the cost options to starting up a new business the hydroponic route looks very appealing. There are no franchise fees, and there is no limit to how far you can grow your business.

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