There are several advantages of therapeutic gardening that will help you feel better and stay healthy longer, according to decades of research, mainly conducted in Europe and Asia. Digging, planting, watering, and harvesting are good for a myriad of ills, research suggests:

Light lifting, bending, and twisting helps keep old muscles strong and limber. You may consider raised beds if you’re over 60 to avoid back strain.

The social aspects that are often part of gardening are good for mental health and building social skills.

The sensory stimulation — the sights and smells of the garden — can be good for people whose senses have dulled with age.

The satisfaction of watching something you’ve planted grow and flourish can be liberating for anyone whose ill health makes them dependent on others.

People are more likely to eat vegetables they’ve grown themselves .Gardening helps you to get exposed to nature.

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