Saving starts from starting plants from seed. It  is typically cheaper than buying seedlings.You just need to allow plenty of time by planting seeds early. If you are eager to create even more extra savings you must select the plants that self-seed — drop seeds after they flower — to keep your garden growing in the future at little cost.

You could empty egg cartons to start seedlings early indoors and deploying Popsicle sticks to mark your plants. If the soil is scooping better use a plastic half-gallon milk jug cut in half.

You should also avoid on buying pots to hold your maturing plants, look around the house and the yard for items that can be reused, like baskets, a wheelbarrow, an old tea pot or a favorite bowl that’s been chipped.

For the garden of coming year you just need to take note of what’s most successful this year, cull seeds from the most prolific candidates and save them. Empty pill bottles or baby food jars work great for storing seeds.

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