SEEDS OF CHANGE an organic food and seed company, announces the launch of the “Sowing Millions Project,” a campaign to give away 100 million certified organic seeds to individuals, community groups and non-profits who are passionate about growing fresh organic food. The effort is designed to inspire individuals and organizations to use organic gardening to make an impact in their communities.
At Seeds of Change, we believe in fresh food’s ability to bring people together and grow communities,” said Tricia Lang, Seeds of Change brand manager. “Through the Sowing Millions Project, we aim to make a difference by helping people to know where their food comes from and how it is grown by giving people the tools to grow their own organic food from the seed, to the ingredients, to the plate.”

How to Get Your Seeds
Individuals, community groups and organizations are encouraged to visit the Seeds of Change web site to sign-up for a portion of the 100 million seeds. Within two weeks, individuals with backyard or rooftop gardens will receive 6,250 seeds (25 packets) and groups with a larger need will receive 250,000 seeds (100 packets).
To help get more gardens growing, for every seed request they receive on the web site, Seeds of Change will make a matching donation to The American Horticultural Society (up to 25 million seeds), resulting in the planting of thousands of vegetables and herbs in cities across the country.
For more information and to sign-up to receive seeds via the “Sowing Millions Project,” visit the website, Facebook page, and Twitter at

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