Your garden is a very special place for you and this need your special attention as you might have grown many expectations in your garden.So better start thinking early about how you want to use our garden. It’s worth taking a piece of paper, writing all the suggestions and drawing the elements that already exist in the garden.

The next step is to give a sample of soil to a laboratory and then create a base of plants with a short description about all of them. It’s worth dividing the plants into groups like grass, herbs, trees, flowers or even into more specified groups. From a list like this we can choose only the plants that we want to use in our garden.

When designing the garden it is important to think also about the style of it. Many designers are inspired by the latest fashion and forget all about the old trends in garden decorating. That’s why most of contemporary gardens look very similar – have a small pond, rocks, grass, regular greenhouses and a few plants that can be bought from online catalogues.

If you are living in a big city the garden might be the only space that connects you with nature and a peaceful time. It’s also the place where you can go back to the traditional elements, for example plants – not the exotic types. It’s even more worthwhile because – such plants are easier to take care of, are often cheaper and widely accessible.

In its normal sense, the traditional gardens are known as rustic gardens. The character that best describes it is homely. Gardens that are arranged in this style are usually surrounded by wooden fences or a border made from solid rock that emphasises its natural character.

Most important in style of rustic gardens is to buy generally avaialable common flowers that can be found everywhere. In rustic gardens there are plenty of colorful flowers. We can also find small corners to spend a quiet and peaceful time with the person we love. This all serves to create a space that brings us back the times where everything was simpler and natural.

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